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Cyber Monday Shopping Guide

Thinking of doing some holiday shopping? We hope that when purchasing for loved ones and friends that you'll consider avoiding companies and products designed to restrict freedom and consider supporting companies and organizations that defend freedom.

To help you make informed shopping decision and to avoid products that are defective by design, we've put together a short 2011 Holiday Buying Guide. We will be updating the guide throughout the holiday season, so please keep coming back for new tips and suggestions.

Update: Over 200 bricks ordered for Nintendo, we reached our goal!

UPDATE: We surpassed our goal of 200 bricks! But, if you would still like to place an order, it is not too late. So, order your brick now.

So far, Defective by Design supporters have ordered 70 bricks 150 over 200 bricks to send to Nintendo's President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime.

Here are some quick and easy ways you can help!

Mura Nintendo prima che murino te.

Mura Nintendo prima che murino te.

Il Nintendo 3DS ha una licenza di utilizzo che non dovrebbe essere accettata. Infatti le condizioni sono cosi' incredibili che ne abbiamo incluso un riassunto piu' dettagliato in una pagina a parte. Per far rispettare la licenza d'uso, Nintendo utilizza la Gestione delle Restrizioni Digitali (DRM). La combinazione di restrizioni tecnologiche e legali rende il Nintendo 3DS dubbio, subdolo e difettoso.

Wednesday May 4th: Day Against DRM just two days away (Italian)

Il 2011 e' stato un brutto anno per il DRM. Sony sta usando azioni legali per molestare e intimidire individui che modificano le loro PS3. Le librerie stanno per essere rimpiazzate da compagnie come Amazon e Apple che cercano di controllare l'accesso ai libri e monitorare chi legge cosa e dove. Abbiamo bisogno di inviare un messaggio chiaro: No al DRM!

Boycott Windows Media Center

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Microsoft is using DRM to prevent users from saving certain television shows to their hard drive. Saving such streams is a normal feature that comes with Windows Media Center, but they have locked you out of

Another nasty DRM surprise from Netflix

Netflix DRM won't stream to HDD

When you buy into DRM technology, you put control over your computer in someone else's hands. This guarantees that unpredictable and unpleasant things will happen. Those with the DRM keys can decide that you no longer have the right to access the media you bought unless you agree to some new terms or buy some new tech, like Major League Baseball and Google Video have both done recently.

Tell Netflix: No DRM

If you subscribe to Netflix, here's an easy way to let them know that you will not be using their DRM download service. All you need to do is...

For Sale: Unbroken Car

Imagine a used car salesman putting up big signs advertising "unbroken cars." That's exactly what Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Microsoft are doing. Their marketing campaigns are based on the fact that their music is DRM-free. Wow, thanks, you've caught up to the gramophone. Not only are you going to sell me the music I'm paying for, but you aren't even going to wrap it up in technology that is defective by design.

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