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Over the past eighteen months, the music industry has almost universally turned its back on Digital Restrictions Management. Major distributors like are marketing their music as "DRM-free MP3 music downloads." and companies like are continuing to have great success. But, it's not just the record labels and big distributors -- well-known individual artists and groups like Nine Inch Nails and Saul Williams are distributing works without DRM. What's more, it's not just music -- Tor books is emailing DRM-free PDF and HTML downloads of ebooks once per week to subscribers, and the publisher and book seller, Baen, is offering a free library of ebooks as well as an interesting webscriptions, weekly subscription service.

We've just updated our Guide to DRM-free Living to reflect these developments, but we know there's a lot more that can be added. Please let us know about your favorite DRM-free sites and we'll add them to the Guide. With your help, this spring we can build a comprehensive guide to DRM-free living.