Another nasty DRM surprise from Netflix

Netflix DRM won't stream to HDD

When you buy into DRM technology, you put control over your computer in someone else's hands. This guarantees that unpredictable and unpleasant things will happen. Those with the DRM keys can decide that you no longer have the right to access the media you bought unless you agree to some new terms or buy some new tech, like Major League Baseball and Google Video have both done recently.

DRM isn't just about preventing copying. The DRM technology owners can even decide what kinds of peripherals you're allowed to connect to your computer. One user wrote in to to let everyone know that when he installed his new HD monitor, he could no longer stream his DRM-videos. After talking to Netflix support to no avail, he writes:

As if DRM isn't evil enough already, I now have to give up access to files I've already bought and even then might not be allowed access unless I have specific approved HD equipment that allows Hollywood to control how I consume my media content.

He is directing his anger at Hollywood. That's understandable, but we don't know what Hollywood companies Netflix is working with, or what terms they have offered. We do know that customers are paying Netflix, and it is Netflix that is putting DRM on their videos.

If you haven't done so already, read our blog post about Netflix and DRM. If you are a Netflix customer, please sign and send these mini-letters to in your return DVD envelope. We know that Netflix is getting the message. Last week a DRM elimination crew member forwarded us his email from Netflix acknowledging receipt of his mini-letter.

Another way to communicate with Netflix is to add to the discussion pages on the Netflix Community Blog. Help us in keeping the pressure on Netflix by letting them know that DRM is unacceptable!