Library Action: Good news on a cold day

Closeup image of DRM Elimination Crew in front of BPL

The snow held off at our action on the Boston Public Library (BPL) this past Saturday. Tourists and Bostonians alike gave expressions of shock when they learned the truth about the way Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology works, and revealed disappointment in the BPL's support and endorsement of nefarious technology that requires patrons to hand over control of their computers to corporations like Microsoft and Adobe in order to use much of the library's digital collection. The support was encouraging. All of us at extend our gratitude to the local DRM Elimination Crew members, who gave out hundreds of flyers and worked hard talking with reporters, patrons, and passers-by. Engraved on the archway door of the library is the phrase "FREE-TO-ALL" -- we hope that over the coming months the library will take steps to better live up to these words.

There is reason to think they will: We've been contacted by the BPL about making arrangements to discuss the problems with DRM and what might be done about it. We'll keep you posted.

Image of BPL archway text reads: Free To All

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