One month until IDAD 2018!

International Day Against DRM (IDAD) is coming up! In just under a month, on September 18th, we'll be celebrating what the world could look like without DRM. We need your help to make sure the messages gets all the attention it needs.

We've been working hard preparing for IDAD 2018, and hope you will join us for this year's action.

How to get involved

RSVP to IDAD 2018!

For 12 years, we've celebrated IDAD -- making, organizing, protesting, and taking action to support the demolition of DRM -- and 2018 is no different! This year we will continue the fight against DRM and celebrate the work of activists, artists, and technologists who create DRM-free media and technology. You can read more about past IDADs online.

As an individual

IDAD 2018 is your opportunity to tell others why you resist DRM, and convince them to join you.

If you're hosting an event in your community, and want an IDAD kit containing stickers and flyers, email us!

Are you an organization or project interested in supporting IDAD?

We've already partnered with some amazing organizations, and want you to join the coalition! Some things you can do include:

  • Writing blog posts and articles sharing your support the mission of IDAD;

  • If you're a vendor, offering a discount on DRM-free media;

  • Showing your support by adding your logo to our logo cloud;

  • Have other ideas? Share them with us at!

If you're a journalist...

Want to cover IDAD before, during, or after September 18th? We'd love to hear from you!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions, ideas, interest in getting involved, or if you'd like to know more. Our email is

Together we can build a future without DRM.

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