DRM Library Flyer

Kick DRM out of the  BPL

Please feel free to modify our flyer by downloading the LaTeX source and image files below. If you do so, please email it to us and let us know if we can share it publicly.

We would love to see the flyer converted into a bookmark, if you do so, please email it to us!

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Amazon Product Review Campaign

Note: When this action launched, it encouraged using Amazon's tagging functionality to label products infected with DRM. Amazon has since eliminated the ability to tag products, but you can take action by writing reviews that will alert others to the presence of DRM in products sold by Amazon.

One of the most important steps in fighting DRM is making sure people know that products have DRM. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't tell people this, so we write reviews to help identify products that are infected.

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Freedom Rings The RIAA

Friday, June 23rd, 8AM Germany: As of last night, over 3,600 people have joined this campaign to stand up for freedom and against DRM. Join today and give a piece of mind to executives at the IFPI (Germany), BPI (UK), SNEP (France), CRIA (Canada) and the RIAA (US). The action has begun and will continue until late tonight. When you sign up below, you will be given a page that provides information on executives at the these orgs, their phone numbers, and results from our calls! Spread the word about this call-in by asking your friends to register now! When you log in, we'll give you numbers to call. After you make the call, let us know how it goes.
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