Take Action: Tuesday May 4th, is the Day Against DRM

Today is about taking time out of your usual routine to speak out in favor of a DRM-free society. We do not have to accept a future where our interactions with computers and published works are monitored and controlled by corporations or governments.

The most important thing is to spread the word about the Day Against DRM. Share this page with your social network, and on news sharing sites and request that your friends do the same using our Sharing Page.

Now take these steps to create an action of your own:

    1, Add an action or a link to a blog you've written about DRM at LibrePlanet Wiki or mail us a link at info@defectivebydesign.org See Action Ideas below for inspiration. And put these banners/buttons on your website (1, 2)

    2, Take a few minutes now to Digg, Dent, Reddit or otherwise share the actions listed on that page with your friends using the links provided. LibrePlanet Wiki

    3, Come back regularly during the day to check out the latest additions and promote those actions too.LibrePlanet Wiki

Action Ideas

If you blog:

  • On your blog, share your DRM horror story. When did you first realize that DRM was a problem? What's your worst experience with DRM?

  • Write about a change you've made (or are about to make) away from DRM-infested products.

  • Single out a DRM-infected product, service or company that promotes DRM and write the most damning, definitive critique you can. Take your best shot at driving away their customers. Put up a link on the LibrePlanet page and so that others can promote it further.

In the city...

  • Apple is a pioneer in freedom-destroying DRM technologies, and the recent launch of the iPad makes it a particularly important target. Head to your local Apple store and hand out our informational flyer. Be creative, and document your work.

  • Apple Stores are a great place to explain the problem, but not everyone has an Apple store locally. Your local electronics store, or your local Barnes and Noble (they sell a DRM-infected ebook platform) are also great targets.

On campus...

  • Is your school considering the use of Kindles or DRM'ed ebook platforms? Run a signature gathering campaign to protect the right to read.

  • Work with on campus groups (a technology group, or a free-culture group) to organize around any of the above ideas (or ideas of your own) to.

Whatever you do, be sure to document it well, and share it to your social network. We're maintaining a space for people to post their actions at the LibrePlanet Wiki


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