Day 28 -- Digital Copy

A recent tactic, in an effort to stop people downloading movies from the Internet, is the "Digital Copy" -- an extra disk containing an iTunes or Windows Media DRM copy of the movie, which can be copied to a supported DRM-player, such as the iPod or Zune.

We've had a few people write in and tell us more about the Digital Copy...

The Windows Media version allows for playback on exactly ONE computer and can only be transferred to said computer ONCE. In one case I accidentally deleted the video in question. Now it is gone for good.

While another writes:

I saw an article called "Digital Copy: A Feature that's no feature" -- which summarizes my experience. It appears that the entertainment industry is hoping to get consumers used to the idea of video downloads by including these "digital copies" with Blu-Rays. However, restrictions like these are only going to frustrate those consumers and make them stick with the current-generation disc technologies longer (or resort to unauthorized downloading).

With a name like "Digital Copy," the MPAA is obviously not targeting computer-savvy consumers who are well aware that DVDs and Blu-Rays are already "digital copies."


Maybe one day the industry will realize that not all of us are so technically inept that we would not realize we're being scammed. Defective by Design indeed!