Tell Sony to stop harassing hackers

This month we're focusing our attention on Sony. Sony has been in the news a lot recently: suing developers for figuring out how to run free software on their PlayStation 3 consoles.

Both George Hotz (geohot) and more recently, Graf Chokolo — operator of the PS3 Hypervisor Reverse Engineering blog have been harrassed by Sony, with Graf Chokolo having his home raided on Feb 23rd.

As TorrentFreak reported earlier today:

"Guys, I don’t joke, it’s serious. And to prove it, I kept my word and uploaded all my HV [hypervisor] reversing stuff. Upload it everywhere so Sony [can't] remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs," wrote Chokolo, while publishing links to where the material could be found.

With users who choose to run free software on their consoles bypassing Sony's DRM being banned from Sony's online services, and the PS3 master key is out in the wild now — even being 'retweeted' by Sony's marketing department — rumors suggest that Sony will retailiate further by creating a new model of the PlayStation 3 which cannot be liberated.

Take action!

  • Email Howard Stringer —— and tell him that Sony needs to stop this assault on free software developers.

UPDATE: It appears Sony have removed this email account from their servers as a result of our emails.

Email Nicole Seligman, Executive VP and General Counsel at Sony. — as always, please BCC or CC us on emails!