Keep the pressure on Barnes and Noble

A few weeks ago, we asked you to reach out to Barnes & Noble about their Nook eBook reader. Many of you did, and while Barnes & Noble have yet to formally respond, we can continue to put pressure on them.

The current news is that Amazon plans to launch a color Android device, much like the Nook color. If we continue to put pressure on B&N, we can use this increased pressure from Amazon as a reason to make the Nook a device for everyone, not just large book publishers.

Read more, including a selection of your quotes to Barnes and Noble

Here's a selection of messages to Mary Ellen Keating at Barnes and Noble:

"If I buy a book (be it an ebook or a hard copy) I should own it." —Bryan Cuneo

"This is not progress. Rather, it is an attack on society and on our rights." —Jason X. Self

"If you use DRM, we will be forced to turn a blind eye to your products, and your company."—Maki

"I had considered purchasing a Nook until I read about the DRM. Now I won't buy a Nook unless you drop DRM. The device is usable, but in my opinion, hamstrung by DRM."—L Mease

We've moved our blog post on the subject to our new Nook hub.

We've also responded to this blog post:—where someone claims certain books for the Nook are DRM-free. Once again, we tried to get some answers out of Barnes & Noble on this, who told us that only public domain books from Google Books are DRM-free, and any books downloaded from Barnes & Noble have DRM.

In the meantime, if you haven't written to Barnes & Noble, please do: