Guide to DRM-free Living gets a big update!

We've just finished a major update of the Guide to DRM-free Living with dozens of new places to get ebooks, movies, and music without DRM and a page of worst-offenders. There have been some exciting developments in the realm of DRM opposition on ebooks, like Tor/Forge dropping DRM on ebooks, and we wanted to spruce up the guide to reflect all the progress that's been made. The suggested additions came from the LibrePlanet Wiki where you can submit new items for the guide for us to review. With so many new additions, we've also had to reorganize the guide into more sections that should make it easy to find what you need.

The audio page is divided up into sections for music stores, community platforms, record labels, and individual artists and albums. Gogoyoko is a social music store where music fans can buy directly from the artists who not only set the price of the music, but get 100% of the profit as well as extra revenue from streaming. Two great community platforms are Jamendo, the largest platform supporting freely licensed music, and, a free software alternative to which lets you listen to freely licensed music in your browser using Ogg Vorbis and HTML5.

The video page now includes ClearBits, a bittorrent distribution platform for DRM-free movies and films under free culture licenses. They provide free access to all media, custom feeds by email/RSS, artist sponsorship, plus peer-to-peer self-hosting and other distribution options. We also added the Miro Guide, a catalogue of podcasts and video feeds for the free software media player of the same name.

The ebooks page of the guide expanded the most and by a wide margin. Among the many new additions are publishers Tor for having dropped DRM recently, and the Baen Free Library, a collection of 100 free Science Fiction/Fantasy books, mostly from Baen Books. We've also added authors such as Cory Doctorow and Lawrence Lessig. There are also individual books like The Pirate's Dilemma and the famous guide to anti-authoritarianism, An Anarchist FAQ, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Make sure you also check "Terms of Service" when downloading from these sites -- there may be situations where, even though they don't use DRM, sites try to restrict your use of the works through other means.