New Internationalist adopts DRM-free label and over 50 others added to the DRM-free Guide

DRM-free labelThe Guide to DRM-free Living is consistently one of the most comprehensive and sought out resources of the Defective by Design campaign. This guide empowers users to access media without compromising their freedoms. Since the last major overhaul of the Guide, readers like you have helped us add over fifty new listings and we've even added new subsections.

The video section has nineteen new listings, including Lobo's TV, and, in the new category of "Courseware, lectures, and educational videos,"'s video lessons and Wikimedia Commons. The audio category also has seven new entries and a new section for online radio. The largest expansion is the literature section with over thirty-one new listings for distributors of DRM-free ebooks, audio books, and other reading materials. Among them are Lulu self-publishing, Tantor audiobooks, University of Chicago Press's new DRM-free line of short stories, Take Control Ebooks, and our latest DRM-free label adopter, New Internationalist.

We need your help encouraging DRM-free media distributors to mark their files using our label. As always, more resources can be submitted to