Tell Tim Cook: No more DRM for Apple

Feb 3rd update: For every 5,000 signatures we get, we will send this giant "1984" postcard to Tim Cook

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Mr. Cook,

DRM will give Apple and their corporate partners the power to disable features, block competing products (especially free software) censor news, and even delete books, videos, or news stories from users' computers without notice-- using the device's "always on" network connection.

This past year, we have seen how human rights and democracy protestors can have the technology they use turned against them. By making a computer where every application is under total, centralized control, Apple is endangering freedom to increase profits.

Apple can say they will not abuse this power, but their record of App Store rejections and removals gives us no reason to trust them. The iPad's unprecedented use of DRM to control all capabilities of a general purpose computer is a dangerous step backward for computing and for media distribution. We demand that Apple remove all DRM from its devices.

Thanks to everyone who signed it, we had thousands of signatures and delivered many petition boards to Apple.