Publishers and activists come together to say NO to DRM on ebooks

Friday, May 4th was the fourth International Day Against DRM, and wow — what a day!

We were supported by our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, the Accessible Computing Foundation, Fight for the Future, APRIL, and our sister organizations, FSF France, FSF India and FSF Europe.

Our focus for this year's day was the threat of DRM on ebooks, and so we also welcomed support from several publishers. Libre Graphics Magazine, O'Reilly, No Starch, Angry Robot and others had their own sales on DRM-free ebooks, encouraging authors and readers alike to step up and vote with their wallets.

Additionally, we had a solid base of activist events all over the world — from Massachusetts to Spain, Florida, Japan, England, Portugal, and more. These local events are especially important as they spread the message by word of mouth — DRM elimination crew members (that's you) telling people in their local communities about the specific ways defective technologies like DRM are disrupting their lives and taking away their freedom. Local bookstore selling DRMed ebooks? A local event will reach those people far better and far more effectively than any Web site.

Meanwhile, here in Boston, we pulled the yellow suits out of storage and spent some time updating the Guide to DRM-free Living, freshly updated to reflect some of the latest DRM-free things we've written about. (There's still much more work to be done — you can help at

Thank you to everyone who participated! As the Day Against DRM draws to a close, we look ahead to next year — we're planning the next International Day Against DRM for Friday, May 3rd, 2013 — start planning your events now!