We are totally out of stickers for October 3rd and will let you know when we can fullful additional requests

Announce a meet-up and get your friends together with others in your area, We've distributed stickers to over 300 locations around globe and we will try to connect folks via event on the website in the coming days, so keep checking back. You can also download a PDF template to print your own stickers

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If anyone still doesn't beleive what DRM will mean for their privacy rights, just get them to read about Unbox, Amazon's new online movie service that Boing Boing lovingly describe as: Amazon tells customers: Eat shit and die."" Or how about today's The Inquirer which reports that the new Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 Shreds your Rights for the Content Mafia

Get your free warning labels and anti-DRM stickers delivered now! We will accommodate as many requests as possible, we have already had to double our production run after receiving 1500 requests in 3 days!

Will you be in London or New York on Saturday September 30th? Help us kick of awareness for October 3rd in style by joining the action outside the flagship Apple Stores in America and Europe. Can't make it? Tell your friends in London and New York to join in. Get the word out!

Join the New York action

Join the London action

Start your own action and get others to join you here

Here are some ideas for what you can do with the stickers:

Hand them out to shoppers going into electronic stores, talk to them
about DRM, and ask them to wear the sticker whilst they shop - ask to
take their picture wearing the sticker.

Go into the store and hand them out to the assistants and say "Hi, I'm
here with regional management, and I need you to put these stickers on
all the Blu-ray DVDs we carry. Can you do that now please, it's very
urgent. We have a consumer inspection team arriving here in 30 minutes.
When your done, come and see me, I will be in the office"

Give them to people you see wearing the white ear buds. Engage them in
conversation about Apple and DRM. Tell them not to buy from iTunes.

Put them on the Microsoft computers at work or school and let your
colleagues know that their devices are infected by DRM.

Give them to friends and ask them to do the same.

Remember have fun with these stickers. Don't damage any property. Use
them as a means to engage people about the topic.

Have fun!