Print your own warning labels

We have had a completely overwhelming response to last weeks email email about DRM Warning Labels. We asked you if you'd like some stickers to help spread the word about the dangers of drm, and nearly 2000 of you have responded!

We are working to get stickers out to as many people in as many cities as possible. If you sent us an email, we'll be getting back to you in the next day or two.

If you haven't responded yet (or even if you have and you are just a little impatient) you can download a PDF template and print your own stickers.

You can also browse planned actions and sign up to join them!

Here are some ideas for what you can do with the stickers:

Hand them out to shoppers going into electronic stores, talk to them
about DRM, and ask them to wear the sticker whilst they shop - ask to
take their picture wearing the sticker.

Go into the store and hand them out to the assistants and say "Hi, I'm
here with regional management, and I need you to put these stickers on
all the Blu-ray DVDs we carry. Can you do that now please, it's very
urgent. We have a consumer inspection team arriving here in 30 minutes.
When your done, come and see me, I will be in the office"

Give them to people you see wearing the white ear buds. Engage them in
conversation about Apple and DRM. Tell them not to buy from iTunes.

Put them on the Microsoft computers at work or school and let your
colleagues know that their devices are infected by DRM.

Give them to friends and ask them to do the same.

Remember have fun with these stickers. Don't damage any property. Use
them as a means to engage people about the topic.

Have fun!