Design a new Defective by Design sticker!

With the iBad, Apple's latest restriction now released, and the recent furor over their new developer licensing agreement, it occurred to me that our sticker needed an update.


Back in 2006, when we launched Defective by Design, the pink sticker was a good fit with Apple's iPod advertising of the day:

Looks so dated now...

Time to recycle these...

So what now?

But now, with all these new restrictions, Apple's commercials for the iPod itself (now dubbed iPod classic) are virtually non-existant, with Apple focusing on 'apps' and games more than simply music.

So, we need to move with the times — new stickers are needed! This is where you come in...

Design us a new sticker, and win goodies!

We'll give a Defective by Design or LibrePlanet shirt to the three best designs received by the end of May. In addition, you'll also receive a small handful of your own sticker...

To get started, you'll need a copy of Inkscape and some creativity. The theme of the sticker should be something that both appeals to the wider DRM issue, but can also be about a particular product.

Please make sure you send your own work, plus any public domain or freely licensed artworks you come across, and be sure to credit your sources!