Day 27 -- Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates

Not content with producing a DRM-laden operating system in Vista, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have been hard at work, producing the Zune -- yet another piece of Redmond junk you wouldn't want in a million years. Not only do they seemingly fail to get it, repeatedly, but Microsoft under their leadership continues to produce overly fascist products, such as the Windows Media Center -- implementing the Broadcast Flag at the whim of NBC, one of their media partners.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the closure of its MSN Music service, leaving thousands of legitimate purchasers of music without the ability to transfer their music to a new computer -- the new computer they might buy if Vista ever sorts itself out.

Worse still, Bill Gates has subjected himself to a stillborn series of failed commercials with Jerry Seinfeld, a well known Mac user who was last seen doing anything anyone remembers about ten years ago. These ads were quickly replaced by a series of commercials apparently designed to uphold the bumbling, nerdy image of a stereotypical Windows Vista user, leaving the door open for futher mockery from the DRM impresario, Steve Jobs and Apple.