Day 11: iTunes

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You may have heard this week, that iTunes was going DRM-free. Of course, it didn't happen. Apple's iTunes, under Steve Jobs, is still stubbornly the only major distributor of DRM-encumbered music at a time when Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, Magnatune, 7 Digital and more are all selling music without restriction.

But let's not forget that DRM on music is only one part of the iTunes picture. Remember all of the other things that iTunes does to restrict its users:

  • TV shows and movies have DRM
  • Software applications have DRM
  • Games have DRM
  • Audiobooks have DRM

This holiday season, we're asking you, the consumers and DRM-activists, to make the desire for the end of all DRM on iTunes a reality. By including iTunes gift cards and purchases in your boycott of all Apple products, you can help drive change.