35 Days Against DRM -- Day 2: Netflix

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Netflix currently offers streaming of movies at no extra charge with many of its DVD rental plans. The streaming service, which requires Microsoft Windows Media and Microsoft Silverlight technologies in order to operate, uses Digital Restrictions Management technologies to limit playback to authorized devices, such as the Netflix set top box, Microsoft's XBOX 360 console and personal computers running Microsoft's Windows or Apple's Mac OS X operating systems.

You may recall last October, we invited every Netflix customer to include some unsolicited feedback with their DVD returns. Well, in the spirit of giving, we thought we'd give it another try, but this time with a festive twist.

Take Action!

Send Netflix one of our holiday promise cards to say why you are boycotting their streaming service, and ask them to remove the DRM by June 2009. That's six whole months, and we think a company like Netflix is up to the job.

Download and print your own festive cards for Netflix and be sure to include them with your next DVD return.

If Netflix fails to meet this ever-so-polite request, we'll be working on a mass cancellation of Netflix service in the new year.

CJ writes to us with a slightly different story