Apple Action Kit

The following files are useful for planning demonstrations agains Apple's use of DRM.

  • Apple Signs: download the graphics from below and print up some signs
  • DefectiveByDesign signs and stickers
  • What is DRM Handbill (8.5" x 11", 2 Up) This PDF has 2 flyers on it. You can print it out and have it cut, or use a paper cutter. You probably don't need more than 50 to 100 per activist. We would suggest having at least 400 (that means making 200 copies).
  • Signup Sheet please print a few of these to collect information from activists and other interested parties.
  • Event Guidelines: These are some suggestions about how to conduct the event for the best impact. Please print a few and distribute to your fellow participants.

Resources on Demonstrating and Direct Action
We don't expect there to be any problems at these actions, but it can't hurt to tell you about these resources:
The Right To Demonstrate (NYCLU)
The NYCLU Bust Card (information about police intervention)
Norther California Civil Liberties Union, Demonstration information
Washington ACLU

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