Amazon Product Review Campaign

Note: When this action launched, it encouraged using Amazon's tagging functionality to label products infected with DRM. Amazon has since eliminated the ability to tag products, but you can take action by writing reviews that will alert others to the presence of DRM in products sold by Amazon.

One of the most important steps in fighting DRM is making sure people know that products have DRM. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't tell people this, so we write reviews to help identify products that are infected.

Here's how you can make a major impact in just five minutes:

All Amazon websites worldwide allow customers to review products. Review a DRM-locked product NOW as a way to warn others of the problems they may face because of DRM. If you see a product review that points out the DRM problems you can also rate that review so others will see it. If you aren't sure whether or not a product has DRM or not, use Amazon's questions feature to ask the seller. Their response will be public.

Your participation will ensure that thousands of products get reviewed, and hundreds of thousands of consumers, maybe millions, will be warned about DRM. Nice!

Now we don't want to encourage you to get an Amazon account if you don't already have one*, but if you do have an acount, then here is a chance for you to use it for the benefit of others. Log in now, start searching and start reviewing!

* We do not advocate the use of Amazon, or the creation of Amazon accounts for the purpose of shopping, there are serious privacy concerns about how Amazon collects data from users through their click stream and shopping habits.

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