Don't let DRM get between you and a good book

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DRM locks ebooks
  • Take action: Print this double-sided flyer.
  • Hand them out at your local bookstore.
  • Ask your local bookseller to carry them to discourage customers from buying DRM ebooks.
  • Post them at work or school.
  • Help us inform customers about the Kindle Swindle.

Amazon Kindle (Swindle), Sony Reader (Sh-reader), and others are all competing to control how, what, and when we can read with their competing Digital Restrictions Management technologies. Let's let them know that we won't buy their ebook readers until they get rid of the DRM!

Join us in opposing all DRM ebook readers and DRM ebooks by taking part in this action.

We want to send a message about DRM on ebooks and ebook readers that everyone will understand with just four simple points:

  • Amazon, Sony, and others want to change the way you read: They want to put locks on your books. Their "ebook readers" use Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology to control how, what, and when you can read.

  • When you purchase a DRM ebook, it is locked to a single device. When the device breaks or becomes outdated, you can no longer read your ebook. You buy a lock, but you don't own the key! If you try to pick the DRM-lock on an ebook so you can read your book on another device, you break US Federal Law (The Digital Millenium Copyright Act).

  • DRM ebooks are bad for authors and publishers. The owners of DRM technology get to decide which books, newspapers, and magazines can be put into their DRM formats. The DRM technology owners can deny whomever and whatever they wish from using their format. DRM allows for digital censorship.

  • Every few years you will have to buy a new copy of your favorite books, and a new ebook reader to go along with it. Any ability to lend your ebook to family or friends is severely limited at the whim of the DRM owner. For the future of reading: Don't buy ebook readers that use DRM technology—our books will end up locked shut.

Join us in action in teaching the world about DRM on ebooks. Help us save the future of reading for everyone!