Freedom Rings at the MPAA this Friday

The MPAA represents the major movie houses, and their influence plays a leading role in pushing DRM into our technology. The MPAA were the lead lobbyists for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that now makes it a crime to circumvent DRM technology.

They are lobbying right now for legislation to mandate a "Broadcast Flag" inside digital TV signals that can prevent recording, and for legislation mandating the closing of the "Analog Hole" requiring all devices to handle encrypted DRM signals. These laws will turn our homes into DRM prisons and hand unprecedented power to Hollywood.

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Freedom Fighter: "Hi, I'm calling about the MPAA's position on DRM. Why do you think that it's illegal for me to make back up copies of my DVDs?"
MPAA: "Because you might then sell them to other people, or give them away to people who might have bought them."
FF: "Sure, that's possible, but that's not illegal. I have a 2 year old who likes to play with shiny things, like DVDs, and he always manages to scratch them. Why can't I protect my investment by backing them up to my computer?
MPAA: "Because you might then sell them to other people, or give them away to people who might have bought them. We are just protecting our members interests from criminal bootleggers."
FF:"Yeah, I've heard that line before. I have rights too! One of them is to make personal copies and you're taking that away with DRM products that are Defective By Design. You look at me and see a criminal. You don't even know me and you people call me a thief everytime I sit down to watch an overpriced movie in the theaters. Where are your manners?"
MPAA: "We're lobbyists, we're paid not to have any manners."
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On Friday we'll give you a special number to call. And you can tell the MPAA what you think of them.

Take a few moments to read the EFF's Frequently Awkward Questions for the entertainment industry, to learn more about what the MPAA is doing to our digital freedoms.

Remember, tell your friends about this action, the more people that take part, the more fun this will be. Let's make the industry hear our voices all through the workday. The MPAA pushes DRM on us; it's time to push back! Digg this story!