The RIAA, and the actions of a cartel

In our fight against DRM we are faced with the collusion of what would normally be competitors. All the Big Media companies act as one in their insistence that these restrictions must be put in place. And they all act as one in their RIAA fronted law suits.

You would normally expect to see competitors seek out a competitive advantage over each other. You would normally expect to see one release their music and video in formats more agreeable to their customers. What's up?

These are the actions of a cartel.

Next Wednesday July 19, at 3pm EDT (noon PDT), we have arranged a conference call you can join, and listen to attorney Ray Beckerman describe what this cartel is up to with the RIAA fronted law suits and the vital action that needs to occur in the next few months.

Following our hugely successful Freedom Rings phone-in action against the RIAA, we came across the work of attorney Ray Beckerman and his excellent blog RecordingIndustryVsPeople

What we were shocked to discover was that these law suits, mostly against the poorest people in our society, are not being supported in any way. And that the recording industry is being allowed to create copyright case law unchallenged.

At this moment there are three law suits in progress that could have far reaching consequences for the Internet, copyright law, and the collusion of Big Media to impose DRM upon us.

Join us next Wednesday, and listen to Ray to find out what action you can take. We will issue a full announcement on Monday.