Mar. 4th in Strand: Vote for DRM-free books!

The Book Industry Communication is holding a debate on Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) in Strand on March 4th. Can you attend and vote DRM-free?

The "debate", which will include a panel of experts, asks participants to vote for one of two statements about DRM. They are:

Statement 1
DRM is needed in order to fight copyright infringement. It helps the copyright holder maintain artistic, and intellectual control, and ensures continued revenue streams for everyone involved in the book industry.

Statement 2
There is no evidence that DRM helps prevent copyright infringement. It serves only to frustrate and inconvenience legitimate customers (who become unclear as to whether they own the downloaded item, or are merely “renting” it), and contributes to big businesses stifling innovation and competition.

In addition to voting for the obvious answer, we need activists to print out materials and distribute them at the event. Help us ensure a strong anti-DRM presence at the BIC Battle on March 4th. Register today and let us know that you'll be there by emailing