Questions about DRM? Visit our new FAQ

In any discussion concerning DRM, there are bound to be honest questions and misconceptions that keep being repeated. Without a resource to accurately respond to them, some small misconceptions can turn into popular belief.

We have compiled a Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) FAQ, or "Frequently Asked Questions" list, to address the most common misconceptions regarding DRM. We hope this will serve as a reference material for those working to educate others about DRM and digital media. Give it a read through and use this resource heavily in online discussions around DRM!

Even seasoned anti-DRM activists can learn something new about what DRM does and why it is so harmful to software users. Some especially important questions answered in the FAQ include, "Doesn't DRM limit copyright infringement?" and, "Doesn't DRM make sense for streaming media and rental services?"

The FAQ is a collaborative effort of the DRM Elimination Crew and was drafted on the LibrePlanet wiki. Improvements and edits can be made there, and suggestions can be made on the talk page. If you have ideas for the FAQ or the campaign, we'd love to hear them! Get in touch by emailing us at or visiting #dbd on Freenode.

Take a look at our new FAQ now.