May 6th: Join an event against DRM

The International Day Against DRM is in two weeks on May 6th. On the same day across many countries, we will be meeting together and raising our voices against the unjust restrictions, control and surveillance that DRM imposes, and pointing the way to a future of empowerment for computer users. Will you join us at an event?

There is currently at least one event scheduled in Guatemala, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and the USA. You can see the full list of currently scheduled events on the LibrePlanet Wiki. If you don't see an event in your area, check back closer to May 6th.

Want to organize your own event?

There are event-planning resources on the International Day Against DRM Web site, and you can email if there is any way we can help you.

Want to participate, but can't make it to an event?

Make sure to visit There's lots to do from your own home (and discounts on DRM-free media on May 6th).

Speak multiple languages?

We need your help translating our anti-DRM flyer so that its message can reach people everywhere. Reviewers are needed as well as translators. Head over to the translation area on the LibrePlanet wiki to get started.

Let's talk

For discussing events, the International Day Against DRM, or DRM-related topics in general, join us on the #dbd Freenode channel or the Defective by Design email discussion list.