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Welcome to the guide to living DRM-free. Please submit corrections and new items for the guide by adding it to the LibrePlanet wiki (you will need to register and login first) or emailing us at

If you are involved with a DRM-free media project, we encourage you to use the DRM-free logo and link to this site.

This guide lists any suppliers of digital media provide files free of DRM and do not require the use of proprietary software. Suppliers that have some DRM-free media or DRM-free options will be accepted if they differentiate between files which are DRM-free and those that are not. Certain suppliers may promote non-free software, but we will include warnings and instructions on how to avoid the software. You should still be aware of that possibility for all items and let us know if we missed any. Make sure you also check "Terms of Service" when downloading from these sites -- there may be situations where, even though they don't use DRM, sites try to restrict your use of the works through other means.


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