International Day Against DRM: May 3rd, 2016

The 2017 International Day Against DRM will take place on Sunday, July 9th. Become a co-organizer of the Day or read about last year's Day on this page. More information coming soon.

Digital Restrictions Management. DRM. The software that comes bolted to your digital media and devices and tries to police your behavior. The major media companies are its masters, and they justify it as a necessary evil to prevent filesharing, calling it Digital Rights Management. But it does more than that, and worse than that. Giving its unaccountable owners power over our cars, medical devices, phones, computers, and more, it opens a deep crack in our digital rights and freedoms. That crack will only get wider and more dangerous as our societies continue to interweave with technology.

Today is the tenth anniversary International Day Against DRM, and we're celebrating a decade of resistance with a new timeline, to which you can add your own speculative entries. But we won't rest while we celebrate. Today, online and at events around the world, we're working to explain DRM to everyone who is affected by it, so that we can regain popular control of our media and technology together.

Read our intro to DRM and explore our work.
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Actions Against DRM

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  • Buy DRM-free media from these companies offering discounts for the Day Against DRM.
    • LeanPub: Discounts from various authors on this unique publishing platform
    • O'Reilly: 50% off for the Day
    • No Starch Press: 50% off everything with the code RIGHT2READ
    • The Pragmatic Bookshelf: 20% off most ebooks with the code DRM_Free_Day_2016
    • Packt Publishing: all videos and ebooks for $10, in celebration of ten years of International Day Against DRM

    Many more DRM-free media providers are linked to in the Guide to DRM-free Living.

  • Listen to gratis DRM-free Internet radio on
  • Are you affiliated with a business that sells DRM-free media? Get in touch at for more information on how you can participate in the Day!

Community posts on DRM

Read more community writings about DRM and the Day on the LibrePlanet wiki. It's editable by anyone, so please add any posts you find (or write!).