Get your friends together for the International Day Against DRM (May 6, 2014)

During the last year, we've seen Digital Restrictions Management creep farther into the world of technology (including coffee makers and cars), even as we build a stronger and stronger community to fight it. A growing number of people are living within a box constrained by DRM without even knowing it. The future is DRM in everything, if we don't do something.

On May 6, 2014, our global community will come together for the eighth International Day Against DRM. We'll be gathering, protesting, making and sharing, showing the world and the media that we insist on a future without DRM.

The Day is in two weeks, but you can get started now. Our goal is have more than twice as many local events as last year and to make a big splash in the media. Here's what you can do today, on

  • Share our HAZMAT suit graphics and let people know you'll be participating in the International Day Against DRM. In addition to sharable images, we have cover photos for social media sites.

  • Join the announcements list and tell us where you live to get notifications about May 6, 2014 events held by like-minded people in your area.

  • Get your friends together and plan an event yourself! The Web site makes it easy with a discussion list for event hosts and event ideas, from DRM-free movie and dance parties to protests.

  • Draft a blog post or make a video talking about the dangers of DRM, and get ready to post it on May 6th.

We'll keep in touch with more info leading up to the Day, when we'll use the site to coordinate actions and events. Until then, let's spread the word so that this can be the most powerful International Day Against DRM ever.

Are you affiliated with a business that sells DRM-free media? If so, we'd love to help you join the shops offering promotions for the International Day Against DRM, and tell our supporters about your business. Just email us at