Customers streaming away from Netflix

Remember Turn off the TV Week? A chance each summer to switch off the boob tube, recover from brain rot, and maybe even spend some extra time out in the sunshine? This summer, we have an even better reason to spend less time in front of a screen: the video streaming giant Netflix is collaborating with the World Wide Web Consortium to destroy Web freedom. Netflix is using your subscription dollars to lobby for Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) support to be codified as part of the standard language of the Web, HTML5.

So, walk away from Netflix to get off the couch, sure, but more importantly, do it for the future of the World Wide Web. It's time to do more than turn off the TV: It's time to #CancelNetflix.

Since we launched #CancelNetflix last week, we've been watching people dent and tweet their decisions to leave the company on ethical grounds. See what others had to say about leaving Netflix, then go #CancelNetflix and tell your own networks why:

Netflix subscriber? Believe in a free internet? Please, cancel your subscription  #CancelNetflix #noDRM

I'd rather have a non-broken internet than cheap streaming video, so I've decided to #CancelNetflix.

#CancelNetflix: It's time to fight DRM with your wallet - dirty moves Netflix, it was fun while it lasted.

RT @lxoliva ♻ @dbd: I believe in the free Web, which is why I canceled my @Netflix account today. Join me: #CancelNetflix -- http://u.f ...

#CancelNetflix I used it and used to love it. But keep your hands off DRM in HTML5. Not cool. I'm stopping my rel. with you.

Use the hashtag #CancelNetflix to tell @Netflix why you're leaving. (We don't want #drm in @w3c #html5 standard)

I believe in the free Web, which is why I canceled my @Netflix account today. Join me!  #CancelNetflix #NoDRM

@netflix I'm cancelling my subscription.

I decided to #CancelNetflix - no DRM for the web!

@netflix thats me done. Voted with my feet, you just couldn't leave it alone could you Hollywood! Stupid executives! #CancelNetflix

Goodbye NetFlix, can't abide DRM in HTML5. #CancelNetflix @netflix

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