No DRM? No Problem! What you can do on the Day Against DRM (July 9th)

While Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) isn't a thing to celebrate, the work people are doing against it is. This is part of why we organize International Day Against DRM (IDAD), a day to raise awareness about DRM, take community action, and celebrate what is being done by activists, artists, booksellers, farmers, filmmakers, musicians, and publishers.

A photo of a wall in Florida. Spraypainted on the wall is
34th Street Wall, Gainsville, Florida, from 2006. Photo by Gavin Baker. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

On this July 9th, people will be getting together in-person and online to imagine a world without DRM. We've had a great group of organizations sign up to show their dedication to fighting DRM. You can expect blog posts, social media activity, and promotions for DRM-free ebooks, music, and more from groups like Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation India, IFixit, and No Starch Press.

It's not too late to get involved! Take a selfie against DRM and share it on your favorite social media site (and with us). Blog about your feelings on DRM. You can host a screening of your favorite DRM-free movie, show, or comedy special. Meet with friends to read together from a DRM-free book. Invite people over for a DRM-free dance party.

Not everything will be happening on July 9th. On July 6th (Thuesday) FSFE Local Group Milano and Game Over Milano will co-host an event. This will include talks and an 8-bit party. Join them in "fighting threats to digital freedom with good information and good music."

If you're a film lover in the Washington, DC area, you can join Zak Rogoff for a showing and discussion of ''Steal this Film'' at the Love+Solidarity Collective on the 9th.

We'll be adding more actions you can do on July 9th. In the mean time, to learn more, or keep up with what's happening with IDAD, visit