Join us for the International Day Against DRM (IDAD) 2021 community planning meeting

Each year, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) stages the International Day Against DRM (IDAD), and this year, we want to work with the community more closely than ever before and bridge the gap between anti-DRM activists, those involved with the software freedom movement, and everyday individuals. Together, we'll stand up against DRM on December 10th.

As one of the most memorable parts of last year's Day Against DRM was our informal advocacy strategy session held over BigBlueButton, we want to begin our public planning of the event with a similar meeting. We're inviting you to collaborate with us in the preparation for this year's IDAD, sharing suggestions and anti-DRM activism methods, as well as organizing online satellite events.

The meeting will be held in the #dbd channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network on Thursday, November 10th from 14:00-16:00 EST (19:00-21:00 UTC).

If you use IRC but aren't able to make the meeting time, please share your thoughts with us by email at

We hope to see you there!