E-Music Second Largest Online Music Store after iTMS

eMusic announced today that with300 thousand users it is the second largest digital music download service on the web. eMusic's success proves that you don't need DRM to do business. Unfortunately, eMusic only offers mp3 files, when they should be offering the unencumbered OGG format instead (check out why).

eMusic is proving that music fans are hungry for DRM free tracks and that different business models (other than per song pricing) are viable.

There are even rumors that iTMS is talking about introducing a subscription based service. However unlike eMusic, it seems an iTMS subscription service would be more like the new Napster or Rhapsody, basically you would pay a monthly fee to access music, and you would never really come close to owning it.

Also in the digital downloads news recently, new service AnyWhereCD.com which lets you buy CDs (physical CDs!) and gives you digital downloads immediately. Warner is not too happy, but we are!