RIAA Calls Steve Jobs "Hypocrite"

The Inquirer is running a stroy on a presentation made by David Hughes of the RIAA at Arizona State University:

DAVID HUGHES, senior vice president of technology for the RIAA, dubbed the spiritual leader of Apple Steve Jobs as a "hypocrite" over his attitude to DRM on iTunes.

While Steve has been banging on about the music companies dropping DRM he has been unwilling to sell his Pixar movies through iTunes without DRM and DVDs without CSS encryption.

While we agree with Hughes in that we don't see a difference between DRM in audio and DRM in video (we called on Jobs to drop DRM from Pixar Vids sold on iTMS), we think it is rather funny that an exec with the RIAA is trying to shift attention back onto Apple, basically making the case that all DRM should be dropped.

DRM is fast becoming the hot potato of the digital media world. There is blood in the water, dissension in the ranks.