DRM in Other Media and What Jobs Has to Say About It

Buried in the press coverage from Monday's announcement about EMI and Apple dropping DRM from EMI tracks in the iTMS was this quote from Steve Jobs:

"Video is pretty different from music right now because the video industry does not distribute 90 percent of their content DRM free. Never has. So I think they are in a pretty different situation and I wouldn't hold it to a parallel at all."

We've gotten some email from DBD members who think that Jobs shouldn't get a "thank you" until he rebukes DRM not only on EMI tracks but also Disney/Pixar vids. Another email likened the higher cost of the DRM free tracks to extortion, and still others have suggested that Steve Jobs is worthy of commendation.

Where do we stand at DefectiveByDesign? Steve Jobs said he would drop DRM just as soon as the majors let him, and he has dropped DRM from the tracks of the one major so far that has let him. He is keeping to his word there, and this action, which is sure to presage the liberation of other tracks from DRM bondage is to be commended. However we clearly do not agree with Steve that video is a whole other story and that the current status of video (protected by DRM on DVDs) makes DRM ok in online video sales. We oppose DRM everywhere, and we will continue to push Apple to drop DRM on video (movies and television), and music (independent label acts and the other majors.

In a not so surprising game of follow the leader, Microsoft has suggested that they too will start selling DRM free EMI tracks on the Zune Market Place