5000 Signers in one week!

Today marks a week since we released the open letter to Steve Jobs and in that time over five thousand people have signed! We've also had many great comments like this one from Zane R.:

I am a long-time supporter of Apple, a filmmaker and an artist. I am the ilk that typically wants their creative expression protected from infringement or outright piracy. But I also see the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, free speech and censorship, freedom and fascism, innocence and guilt. DRM is *not* a necessary evil. The DMCA does *not* protect creators. These overstepping boundaries are a burden to creativity, expression, culture, innovation, and the consumer. I am hopeful that the defining spirit of early Apple can persist, and that Mr. Jobs will help lead the way. I do believe he sees the light, talks the talk, but it's time to take a step and do some walking. Actions speak louder than blogs.

Keep spreading the word, let's see how many more signatures we can get in the next 2 weeks!