EU Comissioner Slams Apple's DRM

This from Gizmo Cafe: An EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Meglena Kuneva, slammed Apple for it's DRM. She said, "Do you find it reasonable that a CD will play in all players, but an iTunes song will only plan on an iPod? It doesn’t to me. Something must change.".

ArsTechnica has more. The pressure on Apple has been increasing in Europe and many believe this is in large part what spurred Steve Jobs' February Open Letter pledging to drop DRM if the majors would let him. It looks like Jobs is going to be forced to open up Fair Play in Europe, and wisely, I think, Jobs would rather drop it completely than continuing to support it and keep the encryption "secure" if other hardware manufacturers and digital download stores can benefit from it.

Oh, and we are now have over 4000 signers to our Open Letter to Steve Jobs. If you haven't yet, sign it today!