Vista Launch Coverage: Engadget and others

DefectiveByDesign members turned out today in New York City (despite the bitter cold!) to spread the message that Vista's DRM is a danger to computer users. We were joined by folks from the campaign who distributed free software to the guests lining up to attend the launch event.

Engadget got their pictures up before we did.

Also mentioned on Gizmodo, RedmondMag. Over the weekend we had a few hits on some blogs, and a few Windows apologists crowing that we're "going after the wrong guy!" so to speak. These folks think that Microsoft is innocent in the spread of DRM and that the true culprits are the RIAA and the MPAA. Microsoft is the dominant force in pre-installed desk top operating systems and could end DRM if they chose not to support it. As reported a few weeks back in TechCrunch and elsewhere, even Gates himself is publicly questioning the logic and utility of DRM (as he takes the stage to pitch Vista DRM included).