The Small Print Project

From BoingBoing:
Andy Sternberg has launched a great site today, "The Small Print Project," which looks to catalog all the "agreements" we find ourselves "consenting to" when we open a box, install a program, sign up for a service or visit a website. These "terms and conditions," "terms of use" and "end-user license agreements" do terrible violence to the noble agreement, backing us into arrangements that no sane individual would ever agree to.

We think what Andy is doing is great. Millions of computer users are clicking "Agree" without knowing what they are agreeing to. And even if you do know, most of the time the company with which you are making this agreement is reserving the right to change the agreement without notice. This is one of the things that makes DRM so dangerous. You could agree to perfectly reasonable terms of use one day, they could change the next, and then the DRM in the product or service can report your infractions of this new agreement, or just render your devise or media files inoperable.