Messages to Bono

[img_assist|nid=849|title=DRM make me sad|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=222|height=240]With more than 5000 names added to the Bono petition, we decided it was time to take a look at some of the 1700+ messages that signers have left for the U2 front man.

What is interesting is how many signers made the connection that digital restrictions on published works and technology will effect development and cultural equality. A selection of messages are posted below.

"Bono, in the same way that the pharmaceutical companies use patents to restrict the poor from getting access to important medicines, so DRM will be used to restrict access to knowledge. At the moment DRM appears to be about music and movies, but within a few years we will see that this was just the beginning. You have the opportunity to help us stop this now."

"In order for success in fighting poverty and disease to succeed there
must be a sharing of information between all parties involved. DRM is a
part of the social philosophical notion that idea sharing and free
exchange of information is harmful. I ask you to stand with us."

"DRM is a fundamental attack on the growth of new art forms, the
freedoms of speech and thought, and the reprocessing of culture we know
as fair use. It prevents commentary and undermines the potential of
digital arts. In the end, it is an attack on the human spirit."

"You said at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that you're not sure the
current music business would allow a band like U2 to succeed anymore.
DRM is part of the problem, robbing future artists of their cultural

"I am blind and must access EBooks and other media through braille or
speech synthesis software. DRM is a gangrene, slowly poisoning access
to education and culture. Please help highlight this matter."

"I love your music and I love the work you're doing to fight poverty.
Freedoms relating to entertainment may seem trivial compared to
starvation or AIDS pandemic, but our society can only help because it is
free. DRM imprisons us."

"I don't know how many times you've been a hero before, but if you help
us solve this matter, you will almost surely be a very significant person
in the history of music and freedom."

"You sir have been at the fore-front of many a political movement.
Perhaps the only celebrity I've seen to actually be successful at using
your status to effect world change. Please help us in our fight against
restriction of Art for business sake."

"The Sonny Bono legislation gave us the draconian Digital Millennium
Copyright Act. Maybe the real Bono can help make things right?"

"You are a great musician. Please support our cause, and help us rid
the world of electronic oppression."

"This is a very important issue. As our lives grow more and more
reliant on technology, freedom of our technology starts to underpin
the fundamental freedoms we often take for granted. The freedom of
speech, of association, of choice. DRM is an attack on freedom."

"Bono, you are a freedom lover and activist, a wonderful artist and
most excellent human being. I'd love to see your signature in the
petition. Best wishes to you and the ones you care for from Buenos
Aires, Argentina."

"DRM should be removed swiftly.. It is what slows everyone down.
By opening technology and knowledge we can increase development
by a tremendous amount."

"I read about your superior work regarding several measures
benefiting the world. This is one one of those causes. Please
support us."

"DRM will be the beginning of the end for free software, the open
content movement, and many other community culture projects.
Please help to stop this."

"Help prevent the stifling of creativity of the most profound form of
communication known to mankind"