DRM killed the TiVoToGo star

As we mop up after all the action and news related to October 3rd - Day Against DRM, we want to draw attention to a couple of items:

FreeCulture.org just announced the winners of the Down With DRM Video Contest.
Digg the DRM Video Contest Winners

Electronic Frontier Foundation's report "Who Killed the TiVoToGo?" which details how Big Media and Cable companies forced TiVo to remove the TiVo To Go service from the new TiVo Series 3 HD.
Digg DRM killed the TiVoToGo!

From the EFF:

In a report released today, "Who Killed TiVoToGo?", EFF gets to the bottom of this digital murder mystery. The plot includes Hollywood, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and digital rights management (DRM) -- and it's an ominous tale for television fans looking forward to the widespread adoption of high-definition (HD) television.

Derek Slater of EFF points out that this is just another example of Hollywood stifling innovation and using the federal government and laws like the DMCA to control technology and those who use it.

With all the action that happened on October 3rd we think this one deserves bringing special attention to.Take Action Now tell the FCC to reign in the efforts of the cable companies who are protecting their monopoly on set top boxes.

Make this one of the "Ten Things"you can do to stop DRM.