Unbox?! More like a DRM Cage!

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribue ran a fantastic column this morning on the Amazon Unbox service, DRM and our Day of Action:

Amazon's Unbox program is going to run in the background on
your computer and send information back to the company about your
"operating system, software, amount of available disk space and Internet
connectivity" as well as what you're doing with those videos, all in
order to continue to "manage rights" associated with them, says the

The conditions are strict: You can only watch your videos in the United
States on four "Authorized Devices." You can't sell them, make backup
copies or lend them to friends.

And all the rules are subject to change at Amazon's whim. Click OK and
you give the company the right to "modify, suspend, or discontinue the
service at any time without notice to you."

You can read more about the Unbox EULA on Boing Boing