Sorry about all those emails...

As many of you may already know, this morning had a problem with our mail server and the mailing application that we use to stay in touch with you. While we are still investigating the problem that may have caused you to receive multiple messages about today's action, we can't say exactly what went wrong. We can assure you that we will get to the bottom of it and fix the problem so that something like this does not happen again.

We can understand that some of you may have a gut reaction to receiving this message multiple times, it may strike you as SPAM or UBE, I want to make it clear that we did not intend to, or initiate the sending of this message multiple times to you, further more, we're not selling anything, and we got your email address from you, so while the messages might be an annoyance – and we are sorry for that – they are not SPAM.

You can always unsubscribe from our mailing list using the link in the bottom of the messages you have received. If you tried to use that link after the second, or third message this morning, but still received more, that was because the mail was already in the queue. You should have also received a confirmation of your unsubscription request. If you did not receive a confirmation, you may still need to unsubscribe.

Again, from the entire team, we apologize for today's mailing problems and we hope to have your continued support in our campaign to eliminate DRM.