Join Amazon authors' "drmfree" effort

DefectiveByDesign activists have been tireless in finding and labeling DRM-infected products on Amazon with tags like "defectivebydesign" and "drm".

There's another new tag to watch for when you're shopping, "drmfree". The use of the tag is obvious but the story behind it is important -- it's being applied and promoted by authors who want to advertise the fact that they don't like Digital Restrictions Management and don't want it applied to their works.

Because of the loud voices of a few, the media tends to forget that plenty of artists and creators oppose DRM. This is a good reminder of that.

As always, there are other things to watch for within the items tagged "drmfree", like whether a computer game is proprietary software or free software. But finding and labeling books and games that are not restricted by DRM is still an important way to help people make informed decisions about what they're actually supporting.

Please join these authors in their tagging effort. In addition to calling out products that are defective by design, we'll continue collecting and adding DRM-free resources to our Guide, so keep sending those suggestions to