Taking the battle to the RIAA

The Free Software Foundation's DefectiveByDesign campaign has set-up a fund to pay for expert witnesses in key RIAA lawsuits brought against US citizens.

Many of you will recall our public conference call with campaigning lawyer Ray Beckerman and his blog about the RIAA law suits Recording Industry vs People. (here is a transcript of that conference call.)

Now we are taking the next step, helping the strategic legal actions to quash the RIAA's bogus technical evidence in these cases and their flagrant attempts to redefine copyright law through unopposed law suits.

Ray Beckerman says, "The sole use of the funds will be to pay fees and/or expenses of technical expert witnesses, forensic examiners, and other technical consultants assisting individuals named as defendants in non-commercial, peer-to-peer file sharing cases brought by the RIAA, EMI, SONY BMG, Vivendi Universal, and Warner Bros. Records, and their affiliated companies, such as Interscope, Arista, UMG, Fonovisa, Motown, Atlantic, Priority, and others."

Read more about the fund and donate here