DRM Elimination Crew Hits The Streets

On Friday, DefectiveByDesign members hit the streets to tell the public about Disney, DRM and the Intellectual Property Protection Act 2007 (IPPA2007).

In Boston a large group composed of DefectiveByDesign members, and activists from FreeCulture.org and BinaryFreedom.info gathered, at Boston's main cinema on Boston Common.

Many movie goers were dressed as pirates, and a pirate busking band joined the fun, as anti-DRM activists made this a big event. Eventually, after handing out nearly a thousand "Disney Media Mafia" fliers informing the public about DRM, Disney and the IPPA2007, the Boston police arrived and declared that the sidewalk belonged to the theater and the DRM Elimination Crew was forced to move across the street, where they continued the action.
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One crew in Huntington, Long Island (NY) reported that the crowd was very receptive and interested in the information and that they all had a good time spreading the message that DRM is defective, and that Disney and other Big Media companies are trying to buy legislation that will only further degrade our rights.