Alberto Gonzales Not Satsified with destroying Department of Justice...

On Monday the disgraced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who has done a pretty good job of destroying the reputation of the Justice Department announced that he wants to destroy computer users rights by proposing laws to protect "intellectual property". The Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007 (IPPA) is a rehash of some earlier failed legislation that would add to penalties for unauthorized copying, strengthen the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA and make "attempted" copyright infringement a crime.

Apparently, the DOJ has dealt with terrorism, corporate fraud and abuse, and government corruption and has some time to pursue people who attempt to copy their own entertainment media onto multiple devises or formats.

On Friday the 25th, we'll be sending a message to media companies like Disney, and to Gonzales that the public does not support DRM and laws that make keeping it out of your house a crime.