HBO wants us to stop using "DRM"

But they don't want to drop the restrictions! Earlier this week an HBO Executive, Bob Zitter, caught alot of flack in the blogosphere (and rightly so) for suggesting the only problem with DRM is the name, and that renaming the same restrictions "Digital Consumer Enablement" would solve the problem.

We like to point to a quote from a Disney exec from a ways back "If the consumer even knows there is a DRM we've lost." And by all accounts, they've all lost! Through the work of groups like ours, we have informed users about DRM. And now they don't want it.

From ArsTechnica:

Think what you want of Zitter's idea, but it does illustrate the fact that the content creation industry is aware that consumers by and large find DRM distasteful. Unfortunately, it also reveals the extent to which some elements of the entertainment industry are willing to fool themselves into believing that if it can just sell the concept of DRM in the proper manner, most of the opposition will evaporate.

The public is a little too smart to fall for a simple renaming. It just shows how completely out of touch the media executives are. Get with the program: we want our media our way, we want to share it, remix it, move it from devise to devise, and we don't want restrictions! As Ars points out, the music industry may be coming around slowly, but the video and movie industry is digging its heals in.